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Damage Policy

Motor City Auto Transport, Inc. will NOT BE LIABLE for the following:

  • Washing or clean up of vehicle because of climate, weather, or road grime.

  • Damages unable to be detected due to autos dirty condition or auto being covered with ice or snow

  • Radio antennas that extend more than three inches above fender or hood level of the vehicle being transported.

  • Loss or damage to tape playing, recording, radio or other sound reproducing or transmitting-receiving equipment which is not a factory installed part of the vehicle being transported.

  • Mechanical functions, exhaust assembly, alignment, suspension, manufacturer defects, or tuning of the vehicle being transported when the damage is not due to carrier negligence.

  • Auto rental accruals

  • Loss or damage to articles left in vehicle.

  • Motor City Auto Transport, Inc. is not responsible for any of the contents or personal belongings shipped inside the vehicle.

  • Damages not due to carrier negligence or caused by any kind of leaking fluid.

Shipper is totally responsible for preparing vehicle for shipment. All loose parts, low hanging spoilers or ground effects and antennas.

Motor City Auto Transport is not liable and hereby released from any contraband in vehicle.

Damage claims must be made in writing within 72 hours of delivery to Motor City Auto Transport, Inc.